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We would like to introduce ourselves. I, Judy, am a consciously aware multi-dimensional channel. I telepathically receive messages from a variety of sources. Our “Unseen Ones”, vary from Native American spirits, to Star Beings and from Ascended Master to Spirit Guides and ultimately Jeshua ben Joseph, more commonly known as Jesus. My co-author and husband, Peter, records, transcribes, and assembles all of my messages. Our mission is to empower all who seek the path to enlightenment by means of the inspiring words offered by our “Unseen Ones”. We invite you to explore our website. Our blog is updated frequently with our latest channels. We are certain you will resonate with many of them. We look forward to sharing so don’t hesitate to drop us a note with your comments, questions, and experiences.

With Love and Light from my Heart,  Judy Dix

Interstellar Dialogues

Introducing a host of wise, gentle, and enlightened consciousnesses that offer up the wisdom of the ages. Through channeled transcripts, personal commentaries, and a bit of cosmic guidance, Judy and Peter lovingly relate their personal journey of discovery, sharing countless insights and teachings inspired by beings of light and eternal knowing. Anyone searching for explanations to life’s perplexing questions, or just humble answers to everyday problems, will find a treasure trove of life affirming insight and understanding.

Sneak Peek

The Awakening

Continuing the saga of channeled messages received by Judy in a semi-conscious state. With life-affirming and ground breaking messages centering on the power of intention, the path to peace through love, the ability to heal with light and the power of cooperation and ultimately accepting all life as one, the intentions of the teachings will surely leave readers with a better understanding of their roles in the evolution of the universe. 

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We Are All One

  The true meaning of unity and oneness has been lost in a selfish world intent on pursuing its own interests. And now, Earth is no longer the utopia it was intended to be. We must honor and respect all life and consider ourselves equal to all living things. This is the only way we can hope to eliminate the conflict, destruction, and power that seeks to seize control of our oneness.  This powerful guidebook provides a series of profound lessons meant to awaken the populace and guide them into an experience of unity to help bring positive change and return this world to its original paradise.

Sneak Peek

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